About BIPA

BIPA program is designed to train non-native speakers of Bahasa Indonesia to actively communicate both in written and spoken Bahasa Indonesia. In order to achieve this goal, The University of Nusa Cendana provides FREE BIPA Course for foreign students. The participants do not only learn Bahasa Indonesia but also culture of Indonesia. This program also includes outdoor activities such as attending arts workshop, field trip, and visiting cultural sites and tourism places. Art workshop provides room and trainer for the participants to learn traditional dances, songs, musical instrument, and ikat weaving of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). Besides travelling package to tourism places in NTT, participants have field trip to cultural sites, museums, health care center, government office, traditional market and other institutions related to the topic given in the class.

A class consists of 5 participants. This limit is intended to optimize the learning impact of the program and enable the participants to receive the best possible attention and feedback. As Undana does not provide classmates, the participants should find them by themselves.



1. Preparation

During the preparation, the coordinator of the BIPA program communicated intensively with Resident Director of the Kupang in-country program from Charles Darwin University, Nathan Franklin, regarding the course content such as course outline, course curriculum and syllabi and teaching materials via email, video call and a meeting. The facilities provided by Undana were also discussed such as the classroom, accommodation, and transportation.

Meetings with Rector, Vice Rector, BIPA staff and teachers were also conducted in order to ensure that the program is well-managed and well-prepared. A week before the program started, Nathan Franklin arrived in Kupang in order to meet the coordinator of BIPA to discuss about the preparation, course, accommodation and facilities. Pre-departure booklet also prepared by Nick Matheral with Nathan Franklin and Mitra students


2. Workshop

The workshop was held on June, 10th 2014 at the aula of LPPP Undana. The purpose of the workshop was to train the teacher about the teaching method and also explain the curriculum and syllabi. The keynote speaker of this workshop was the coordinator of BIPA Program, Clemens Kolo. The workshop were attended by all teaching staff, During the workshop, the teachers discussed about the course, evaluate the teaching materials, course requirement and evaluation.


3. Orientation Day and Welcoming Dinner

The orientation day wash held on July, 22nd 2014 attended by The Head of International Relations Office, the coordinator and secretary of BIPA, teaching staff, BIPA students, Mitra and UniBridge students. On the orientation day, we used Undana bus to take all the participants around the campus. We visited several buildings at Undana such as Rectorate, Postgraduate, The Language Center, and Rusunawa (students dormitory). Besides that we also went to Hypermart to buy some groceries, hotels to arrange accommodation and Subasuka Restaurant to have dinner with the Rector and Vice Rectors of Undana.

At Subasuka, we had dinner and the Rector delivered his welcoming remark to all the BIPA students. The president of BIPA from Charles Darwin University also delivered his welcoming remark. This dinner was aimed at welcoming the BIPA students and introducing the teaching staff. The dinner was attended by Rector, Vice Rectors, Head of International Relations Office, the coordinator and secretary of BIPA, teaching staff, BIPA students, Mitra and UniBridge students. Mitra and Unibridge students also performed Australian and NTT traditional songs to entertain the guesses.


4. Course

The course was held from June 23rd – July 11th, 2014. The course was planned to be held on the Postgraduate Building, but due to some technical issues, the venue was changed. On the first day, the course was held at The Language Center of Undana and the rest of it was held at the Bioscience Building from Monday to Friday at 08.00 – 12.30.

There were two sessions of lecturing, the first session was at 08.00 – 10.00, the second session was at 10.30 – 12.30, and the break was at 10.00 – 10.30. During the break, the teachers and students enjoyed snacks, coffee and tea provided by BIPA Staff.


5. Fieldtrip

The fieldtrip was on July 9th, 2014 attended by a teacher, BIPA and Mitra Students. We used Undana bus to visit several places such as Pengrajin Sasando, Taman Doa Oebelo, Victory News Office, Museum, Souvenir Shop and Sekolah Alam Nekamese. The purpose of visiting those places was to provide extensive experience on local culture and also to help the students to improve their Bahasa Indonesia in natural context.

• Pengrajin Sasando

The purpose of visiting Pengrajin Sasando in Oebelo was to introduce the BIPA students about NTT Culture particularly traditional musical instrument (Sasando), songs and Ikat Weaving. The students also can see how the Ikat Weaving was produced and they were also entertained by a performance of Foti Dance and Sasando.

• Taman Doa Oebelo

The reason of visiting Taman Doa Oebelo was because it is near Pengrajin Sasando. The purpose of visiting this place was to introduce tourism site. In Taman Doa Oebelo, the students can see beautiful view from the top of the hill.

• Victory News Office

The purpose of visiting Victory News Office was to provide extensive knowledge on Press and Media to BIPA students particularly students of level 2. Victory News is one of famous weekly newspapers in Kupang. At this office, students asked questions related to Press and Media. We also met the Chief editor and the reporters to discuss about press freedom and current issues. We also had an opportunity to see the process of publishing news starting from collecting information by the reporters on the location to printing the newspaper and distributing the newspapers to the distributors.

• Museum

The purpose of visiting museum was to introduce NTT culture and history to BIPA students. The museum has 3 main buildings and each of them show different cultural heritages of NTT such as a skeleton of a whale, artifacts, arts, Ikat weaving, traditional weapon, traditional houses, Dutch heritage. Other cultural heritage and local products of NTT were also displayed such as the production of forest honey and corn.

• Souvenir Shop

The purpose of visiting Souvenir Shop was to introduce NTT local products such as Ikat Weaving, local food, T-Shirt, and other souvenirs. Students enjoyed shopping there because they bought local products as gifts for their family and friends in Australia.

• Sekolah Alam Nekamese

The purpose of visiting Sekolah Alame Nekamese was to have a picnic and spent time doing fun activities, such as swimming, flying fog and other activities.


6. Closing Ceremony

At the last day of the Program on July, 11th 2014, we had a closing ceremony which was attended by The Rector, The Head of International Office, The coordinator of BIPA program, teaching staff, BIPA students and Mitra students at Bioscience Building. At this closing ceremony, the coordinator of BIPA Program reported the program and congratulated BIPA students for their performance during the course. The Rector of UNDANA also delivered his closing remark to appreciate BIPA staff and teachers for their performance and officially closed the program for this term.

One of the students, Mandy Hughes, also delivered his speech and expressed his gratitude for BIPA staff and teachers. BIPA and Mitra students also sang traditional songs from Rote. At the end, all the participants including the Rector of Undana and BIPA students danced a traditional dance from Flores Timur called Ja’i.